Live GraphQL Training - Javascript, React and Node.js

Why we start to teach Live?

During the past year I have received a lot of positive emails about my articles on GraphQL Mastery. Many have asked if I would consider doing live courses in addition to my online courses and articles. GraphQL is becoming industry standard, and the GraphQL foundation is an important step to even more widespread GraphQL adaptation. Even though there are plenty of different resources on GraphQL, not only on GraphQL Mastery , there is a lack of well-structured advanced tutorials. In addition, some students prefer to learn more intensively in real classrooms than in virtual settings. For these reasons we have decided that with our company Atheros Intelligence we will start offering live GraphQL courses to help individuals and companies adopt GraphQL as fast as they can to stay on the top of industry best practices. At the same time we want to help them avoid the common pitfalls that come with this new technology.

David Mráz (@david_mraz1)

Instructor of GraphQL Mastery and founder of Atheros Intelligence

GraphQL live trainings

GraphQL fundamentals course

  • 1-day course
  • By attending GraphQL fundamentals and Advanced GraphQL you are eligible to get free access to the React + GraphQL and GraphQL + Node.js online courses.
  • You should be familiar with Javascript and have some basics of React and Node.js.
  • Almost every concept is demonstrated in our live coding sessions. You will learn by coding. We will create a real server-side rendered React application driven by GraphQL.
  • Most courses will be held in Prague and London

High level roadmap

  • Frontend boilerplate introduction:React.js, Next.js & Apollo.
  • GraphQL server boilerplate: (Apollo server) and PostgreSQL database, knex.js query builder
  • GraphQL technology introduction, GraphQL language
  • GraphQL schema basics and GraphQL document basics
  • Queries and mutations - writing our resolvers for basic CRUD operations
  • GraphQL type system - output types, input types, output & input object types
  • Modern React and Apollo introduction - Apollo client API, modern React features (React hooks in GraphQL)
  • Queries with Apollo client. Loading and pagination
  • Arguments and variables, create, update and delete mutation with Apollo client
  • Introduction to Apollo Link and link composition - overview of the most important Apollo Links
  • Authentication with JWT & writing user permissions
  • Overview of hosting services, deployment of our application. Webpack builds, development and production environment
  • Q&A - custom lecture based on participant interest

Advanced GraphQL course

  • 1-day course (usually held the day after GraphQL fundamentals course)
  • By attending GraphQL fundamentals and Advanced GraphQL you are eligible to get free access to the React + GraphQL and GraphQL + Node.js online courses.
  • Attendance of the GraphQL fundamentals course is recommended but not required.
  • Almost every concept is demonstrated in our live coding sessions. You will learn by coding. We will continue working with the real application from the previous day together to explore these advanced topics.

High level roadmap

  • Summary of the previous day & introduction to GraphQL architecture patterns
  • Local state management in Apollo client -Apollo link state
  • Advanced GraphQL features: directives, aliases, fragments, introspection, schema stitching
  • Advanced GraphQL schema design architecture: custom scalars and directives, modifiers, interfaces and unions
  • Real-time updates with GraphQL subscriptions
  • File uploads
  • Security of GraphQL servers
  • GraphQL server monitoring and error handling
  • Versioning of GraphQL projects, deployments and migrations
  • Caching and batching with Data loader, Server side caching, performance optimization of GraphQL server
  • Performance optimization of React and the Apollo client - prefetching, optimistic updates, query splitting
  • GraphQL in production, overview of large-scale projects’ architecture, Apollo Engine, Apollo Platform, Prisma
  • Q&A - custom lecture based on participant interest

Custom training

  • Each request can specify the number of days and desired location. Currently we offer courses in Prague and London, though we can go to other cities in Europe on request. In the near future we aim to offer courses in various cities in the United States from time to time as well.
  • In addition to topics covered in the GraphQL Fundamentalsand Advanced GraphQL courses, we can also address topics such as Team leading, Javascript, Python, DevOps or microservices architecture and Kubernetes. We can also include topics from machine learning such as TensorFlow, Keras, Natural Language processing, Neural Networks and Reinforcement Learning.
  • The training can be adjusted to all skill levels
  • The roadmap depends on the specific needs of participants in each training.

If you attend both days of the live course you will be eligible to get free access to the React+GraphQL and GraphQL+Node.js online courses.


What is the length of the course?

The course content takes up about 8 hours each day, but depending on questions and discussions it may go on for longer.

How flexible is the high-level road map for each day?

We will try to keep as close to the road map as we can to cover all the important knowledge. However, there can be some flexibility if new technology features are introduced or we want to adjust the course structure based on participant needs.

Is this course focused on some specific language where we would be implementing GraphQL?

Yes, this course is fully focused on Javascript (React and Node.js) implementation.

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